Native advertising campaigns: The modern trend in internet advertising

The native advertising can be defined as the practice of including content material promoted online or program, respecting the format and elegance of the content content from the platform. For instance , if we want to insert a great ad within a blog, all of us will do it through an content, which on the other hand much all of us paid to publish, should be in touch with the remaining content of the platform. We abandon unpleasant advertising procedures to focus on marketing content that respects the person experience.

Actually however much this term seems narrative, it is based on a theory that was already applied in the decade of the 30 with all the product placement of the films. Instead of producing an advertising on a merchandise, thereby disrupting the audience’s experience, the merchandise is naturally released into the film’s frame.

The irruption of native advertising and marketing in the online world is obviously driven by the emergence of social networks as well as the decline in the effectiveness of more traditional internet marketing. The user thinks this type of advertising and marketing (banners, pop-ups… ) seeing that an hindrance that provides no benefit to your browsing experience. In the year 2000 just 9% with the banners attracted clicks, whereas in 2012 this number fallen to 2%. Therefore , it truly is evident the advantages of new programs for the advertising meaning to reach current Internet users. And that’s why native advertising and marketing appears.

Due to the chameleon personality of native advertising, these kinds of contents are generally accompanied by a star that alerts us we are facing an advertising content, however editorial it may seem. This kind of warning is not just used for moral reasons. If a follower with the platform recognizes that the company is allocating resources to offer content that adds benefit to that site, and does hence in a respectful and nonintrusive way, it will eventually remember that brand positively.

A few examples of this native advertising will be promoted twitter posts, paid content, videos of longer period than the basic spot, fun graphics, photographs or any form of content that is organically integrated into the experience of the woking platform.

If you look at the media or platforms on what these native content is definitely published, we could classify the native advertisements into two styles:

Native Marketing Closed. Closed native advertising is the one that is published through a specific profile in a system, thus limiting its range. This is the circumstance of social ads, articles promoted in blogs or spots on Youtube.
Native Advertising Opened. Made up of all those programs that enable to promote the same content in several media concurrently. Thanks to devices like Video Mediapulsertb or Sharethrough we can pass on our native ads on several tools that share the same subject or audience.
In short, native advertising offers us the option to reach a specialized audience and generate an optimistic response in them. Rather than hindering their experience, all of us add value to it, so that they is going to perceive that our brand links with their hobbies or values.

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